Treadmill for 100 kg person

So a big friend of mine asked me whether he would be able to get a treadmill that would support his weight.

I asked him how much he weighs and he said that he weighs 100 kg.

I chuckled and laughed and he thought that I was callous but no, I wasn’t.

It was just that he did not weigh that much.

In fact one can get a treadmill even if they weigh 200kgs. Yes, you read that right. Amazon has these treadmills for people with over 400 lb weight limit and as such, you need not worry because you will get what you want.

Some of the treadmills for big guys include:

Treadmills for heavy people

#1.Exerpeutic 2000

treadmill for over 100kgs

This can support a weight limit of upto 400lb.

It comes with a desktop where you will be able to place your gadget say phone or laptop and still work on it as you jog and walk on the treadmill.



treadmill for big guys

The lifespan treadmill supports a weight of between 350 to 370 lbs and has a cooling fan so that you are able to feel comfortable as yo work out.

It also comes with a heart rate monitor so that you are able to see how much you are racing and how fast your heart is beating as you sweat it out.

#3.Sole F85 treadmill


Sole F85 treadmill

The Sole F85 has a large walking space for the obese people. It also comes with heart rate sensor, cooling fan, speakers so that you can still be entertained as you work out as well as cushioned handles so that you are able to feel protected from falls and hurts.

It has an LCD display so that you are able to tell your heart rate, the amount of calories burnt as well as how many miles you have covered. With this treadmill, you are assured of losing weight faster.

It has an easy to control speed so that you are able to make it go slower especially if you are a big guy and fast things might not be your thing.

The SOLE F85 treadmill supports a weight capacity of upto 200kgs.

#4.Ziema Electric Folding Treadmill

As the name suggests, this a foldable treadmill for space saving.

It can support a weight capacity of upto 170kgs

treadmill for 170kgs

#5.Nautilus T614 

 Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Has a 12% motorized incline

25 installed programs as well as those that you create on your own

Can support weight upto 350lbs.

What does the weight capacity on the treadmill mean


There are two weights on treadmills at amazon.

  1. Is the weight of the treadmill for shipping purposes
  2. The weight that the treadmill can support.