Running shoe fit Guide

If you are like me and you love online shopping, this running shoe guide provides some of the things you will need to do immediately after unboxing your package. After fitting, you will be able to determine whether to keep or return the pair of shoes.

On the other hand, if you love going to a store and trying your sneakers or any pair of shoes before buying, then this guide works for you as well especially if you are looking for the best running shoes for treadmill to help you lose weight.

Fit features you should consider

  1. Heel. When you wear the shoe and lace up, your heel should snuggly fit. Therefore, you can even remove your shoe, so long as you have not tied the laces. However, the space left should not be too much to be uncomfortable since when on treadmill you need comfort, right?
  2. Instep. The upper of the shoe should not provide pressure points on your instep. It should fit just securely.
  3. Width. The pair of shoes that you get should be wide enough to allow slight sideways movement of your feet within the insole. In other words, at the widest part of your foot you can be able to pinch some upper’s material from outside
  4. Length. This is the distance from the heel to your longest toe. Ideally, the shoe should accommodate this much plus your thumb should also be able to slide in.
  5. Shoe’s flex point. When you hold the shoe at the heel and press the front most part on the floor, you’ll be able to see where it flexes. You should get a pair of shoes that flexes at the same point where your foot flexes.

In addition to all these tests, the ultimate test is to wear the pair of shoes and try walking/running in them. They should feel comfortable with no pressure points at any point of your movement.

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