Push up Bras

A beautiful cleavage is every girls dream. It is a mark of beauty and one of the many roads to sky high confidence. Unfortunately, all women do not have a naturally defined cleavage. Cleavage is mostly defined by the size and shape of boobs.  In most cases, large boobs tend to have much sexier cleavage especially when they are dressed in the right bra. Since small breasts tend to leave a large space between each other, they do not create a defined cleavage naturally. However, this is not always the case because the type of breasts also influences the appearance and nature of cleavage.

There are seven types of breasts and each one of them is shaped differently. This must always come into the mind when looking for a bra. You might buy a very pretty but its effect on your breasts might not be impressive. Push up bras come in different and sizes. Therefore, it does not matter whether your twins are small or extra-large; there is something for everyone. When it comes to types, the common ones include; padded, strapless, stick on/adhesive, wireless, molded, pad-removable, and sports bra among others. Padded bras are mostly used by women with small breasts. However, they can also be used to enhance fullness in large breasts. Padded bras are divided in to categories such as double padded, and removable pads.


Strapless bras are specifically designed to be worn with off shoulder and bare shoulders clothes. They can features other important aspects such as underwire, pads, bare back, and demi-cups. Wireless bras lack the underwire feature.

Normally, most bras are characterized by an underwire that enhances support and breasts firmness. This does not mean that bras without underwire do not provide enough support. Their main difference from other bras is that they enhance support without the wire. Sports bras are designed to help women who engage in athletics, have super well toned bodies and are confident to walk in their sport bras.