How I was able to lose 20lbs in one month using Performix Sst

I stumble over performix sst fat burner as I am researching on how the alpha 2 receptor blockers can help you burn stubborn fat around the mid-section. One of the popular alpha 2 receptor blockers is yohimbine and is present in performix. So my interest on performix sst is piqued and I find myself going through one performix sst fat burner review after the other.

I also read the different amazon reviews on the product and I am completely sold. At 3.5 star ratings out of the possible 5 with over 500 people who have reviewed it, I feel that it must be a good product. But I am not an impulse buyer. Though I want to lose weight, I always make sure to spend quality time looking at each of the ingredients of the product to make sure that it is a right fit for me.

So, here goes the performix sst ingredients:

  • Theacrine- boost mood and energy
  • Yohimbine- burns stubborn body fat
  • Eviodamine- contains capsaicin. Fats fed on fat with eviodamine did not get obese as compared to those who got fat treatment only.
  • Caffeine-thermogenesis to release energy as fat is burnt. This is the same caffeine in phenq
  • Kinetiq- burning stubborn fat

How I was able to lose 20 lbs with performix in one month

lose 20 lbs in one month with performix sst

Believe me you but I was able to lose 20lbs with this supplement. So here goes my weight loss program over the one month.

Activities: Heavy exercises such as squats, sitting on swiss balls, crunches and Russian twists. I also used a roller for abs toning. Take the recommended pill. Eat protein heavy foods. Lots of water. Enough sleep.

And that simply, I was weighing 20lbs less after a month


I look to losing more weight because I have come to love performix. I will continue using it.


  1. Not for use by diabetic people since it suppresses appetite
  2. People who get migraine headaches said that it was not good for them as they had to battle headaches all through their supplementation.
  3. Do not take it if you are lactating or a pregnant mom.
  4. Not for use by under 18 years

Possible side effects

  • Dehydration and lots of sweating
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea