Guide on bed safety for seniors

So you have a senior patient whom you are giving home care. How should you optimize the care.

  1. Get them an electric hospital bed
  2. Get them good innersping mattress that adjusts to the bed movements
  3. Get them some nice pillows
  4. Ensure there is no bed entrapment
  5. Get them safety bed rails for seniors
  6. Get some heated mattress pads for heat and warmth while sleeping
  7. Have some bed exit alarms so that if they leave the bed unsupervised, you will be alerted
  8. Have some soft paddings on the rails so as to prevent injury in case they hit their bodies on the side rails. The padded side rails for seizure precautions are good since even if the patient gets seizures, they will not hurt their head in the seizure episode.
  9. Give them maximum attention
  10. Keep them entertained and well fed so that they will not need to leave the bed unsupervised
  11. Have some safety mat at the side incase of an unseen fall from the medical bed
  12. Always keep the bed casters locked
  13. Keep the floor ever dry