Dangers of wearing the wrong shoes

The best work boots for flat feet are always the final piece to complete your perfect outfit every day.  A gorgeous and great looking shoe will always raise your self-esteem and confidence when attending meetings, on your wedding day, or even on those nice evening dinner dates. With the latest trends in the society, today heels and stilettos for the ladies have risen to fame as well as narrowed front shoes for the men. These shoes are trendy and classy but can cause pain to the wearer if the correct size is not taken into consideration.

The wrong shoe can cause a number of foot diseases as well as discomfort to the wearer.

Heel spurs

This is a sharp pain on the underside of the heel, it occurs when the heel bone starts to have a growth which later on becomes calcified. Heel spurs are associated with the foot muscles that run along the height of the foot and connect the heel to the ball of the foot. The heel spur can extend to almost half an inch and this can cause excruciating heel pain.



Corns are usually caused by continuous friction on the skin hence causing a buildup of hard layers of skin. The main cause of corns is wearing tightly fitted shoes over a long period of time. The skin cells form a round bump like secondary hard skin to protect the foot.


Athlete’s foot

This disease does not only attack athletes but also anybody else who wears the wrong shoes. Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal disease that causes, flaking, scaling and itching of the affected areas. This disease is usually caused by wearing very tight fitting shoes and sweaty socks which provide a breeding ground for fungus to grow.


Aching arches

This is caused by wearing an oversized pair of shoe for a prolonged period of time. A pair of shoe that is not supportive enough causes the muscles on the bottom of your feet to tighten with each step. This movement keeps the shoe in place but causes a lot of pain in the attempt of the foot to arch up and prevent the shoe from sliding off. This in return causes the foot to be inflamed and in a lot of pain at each movement.



Avoid causing harm to yourself by wearing the wrong shoes and always choose the right shoe that fits you perfectly. In case your feet are hurting it is advisable to visit a podiatrist for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

All the best!